Kohlbahdin Enterprise Management Solutions, Virtual & Physical Infrastructure

Leveraging the unique Data Manipulation, Business Intelligence & Analytics Power of the SAS 9 Platform

Virtualisation Optimisation Solution

We have experience implementing the SAS based solution for managing your Enterprise-wide VMware infrastructure.

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IT Capacity Optimisation Solution

Our IT Capacity Optimisation models are proven to deliver the management information required to effectively forecast and manage capacity.

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IT Service Level Management Solution

Our IT Service Level Management services leverage the power of SAS IT Intelligence to provide service-delivery management across all business units.

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IT Chargeback Management Solution

SAS IT Intelligence is the solid foundation for our integrated and scalable IT Financial Management solution.

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ITIL Compliance Solution

According to Gartner, in virtualised environments "... above all, organizations should not rely on host-based security controls to detect a compromise or protect anything running below it."

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Enhanced Security & Risk Managment

So you have invested in ITIL processes. How do you know you are getting real value from your investment? How are you measuring that value?

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Sustainable IT

Realising value from a sustainable ICT strategy requires the right level of management information, available as accessible IT intelligence.

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Our Services

Standardise with a "SAS Powered" Kohlbahdin solution, don't be satisfied with second best, and any solution that does not leverage cost-effective-across-the-enterprise SAS 9 Platform is exactly that, second best.

Because of the Power of the Enterprise SAS 9 Platform, Kohlbahdin have the most agile, scalable and comprehensive enterprise service management and service support solutions available in the market.

Because of the Cost-Effectiveness of the Enterprise SAS 9 Platform, Kohlbahdin's enterprise strength solutions integrate end to end with enterprise IT infrastructure and vendor technologies, however they are completely decoupled. This lack of dependency provides the agility to support corporate strategy as investment in new technologies change. Our solutions therefore provide end-to-end ability to scale cost savings across the whole enterprise, including virtual infrastructure, without being locked into a particular enterprise infrastructure, RDBMS or ERP vendor strategy, and our advanced analytics provide the market leading edge.

Why stop at a limited solution for a virtualised environments only, when you can significantly enhance that as well as enhance end to end management of existing enterprise IT investments?

Our solutions bring economies of scale and automation for analysis and reporting from all infrastructure, applications and data technologies, including virtual infrastructures.

Our solutions support data access from existing investments in enterprise management monitoring and performance tools, providing the unique ability to completely enrich our analytic reporting to deliver enterprise strength IT intelligence - the leading edge.

Optimise your investment in ICT management systems

Implement our scalable vendor agnostic solutions, and easily adapt to future innovations in ICT. No matter what the future brings, no matter how much your environment or business grows, no matter what process models and standards evolve, our agile solutions are designed to adapt to change with minimal effort.

A hypervisors such as VMware are recognised to bring many management cost savings through abstracting virtual ICT infrastructures from the physical dependencies of underlying hardware.

Similar to a hypervisor, our solutions abstract your investment in ICT management processes from the impact of infrastructure change and vendor dependencies.

As a result, your ICT management layer becomes increasingly stable and agile to respond to current and future demand. You can support new vendor innovations with minimal effort, you can enhance existing demand management capabilities, or build in new capabilities to support enhanced demand management of services and IT cost to value analysis.

The costs of managing future change and innovation are effectively driven down.

Our SAS powered automated management solutions services cover:

  • Virtualisation Optimisation Solution
  • IT Capacity Optimisation Solution
  • IT Service Level Management Solution
  • IT Chargeback Management Solution
  • ITIL Compliance Solution
  • Enhanced Security & Risk Managment
  • Sustainable IT

These enterprise strength solutions protect your investment in information and communications technology.

As a result you will be able to optimise IT investment costs even further, manage risks even better, and do so without needing to constantly increase staffing levels as your environment complexity grows.

Why settle for second best when you can have a SAS powered Kohlbahdin solution?